Here at Juicy Burger Bar:

The bun has to be on point, and toasted to golden brown with the flavor of butter. The beef has to be rich and strong, yet submit to the slightest bite, the cheese deep and melted at the right time. The pickles have to bring the acid to the palate, yet be balanced with that slight sweetness. The lettuce and onions are fresh, and offer a contrast in texture. The fries have to be hot and crispy, with fresh cracked pepper and the right amount of salt. Much can go wrong, but when everything goes right, one may just achieve perfect bliss.


The History of The Burger:

Welcome to Hamburg, the Birthplace of the Burger

Other communities around the country may have a beef with this, but we know the hamburger was invented right here in Hamburg, NY.  It happened in the 1880’s, just two miles up South Park Avenue at the Erie County Fairgrounds.

Frank and Charles Menches from Akron, Ohio traveled the nation selling food at county fairs. In 1885, at what was then the Hamburg Fair, their sausage patties were a big hit. When they ran out of food, a trip to local Hamburg butcher Stein’s Meat Market created a pork predicament.  It was too hot for the local butcher to cut a pig for more sausage, but he did have plenty of ground beef to offer.  So they took the beef, and relished the chance to create something new.

The Menches Brothers formed the beef into patties, and sensing the need to spice it up, added ingredients such as brown sugar and even coffee.  They served it on two pieces of bread.  When fairgoers lined up, they asked “What is this called?”.

Looking up at a banner marking the location, Frank Menches said…“The Hamburger!

Since 1985, Hamburg has celebrated its place in food folklore with the annual Burgerfest, celebrated right here on the streets of the Village of Hamburg.

So welcome to the Birthplace of the Burger
and Hamburg’s own Juicy Burger Bar.

We aim to continue the tradition….



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